Sunday, 15 May 2011

Andrew's game for doing his own stunts!

As filming "The Amazing Spider-Man" is coming to a close, Vic Armstrong, similarly amazing British stunt double and stunt coordinator, who has worked on such iconic projects as the Superman Trilogy, the Indiana Jones movies, Total Recall and several Bond movies (and MANY more), talks about Andrew's participation in the Spider-Man stuntwork in this extract from an interview he did with Movieline:

Stunt Icon Vic Armstrong On The Amazing Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield

Stuntman Vic Armstrong says this Spider-Man film will be more organic and not lean as heavily on CGI as the previous trilogy.
Legendary stuntman/action director Vic Armstrong (pictured on the left of Harrison Ford in the photo on the left) recently talked to Movieline about his memoir The True Adventures of the World’s Greatest Stuntman: My Life as Indiana Jones, James Bond, Superman and Other Movie Heroes. While they discussed almost everything he has seen and done in his storied career, it was what was said on the topic of The Amazing Spider-Man that caught my attention.

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