Sunday, 22 May 2011

Interview with The Guardian (2008)

As I am sitting watching this year's British Academy Television Awards, here is a post- 2008-BAFTA-win interview with The Guardian

Mad about the boy

On Sunday, Andrew Garfield won the best actor Bafta for his powerful performance in Channel 4's Boy A. But, as Chrissy Iley discovers, it will be a while before he is able to relax into the acting experience
Last year's Channel 4 drama Boy A was television at its most painful and compulsive: a portrait of a young man who, egged on by a schoolfriend, had committed a brutal murder as a child. Andrew Garfield's performance as the 23-year-old, released from prison and struggling to adjust to a new life with a new identity, is rare and mesmerising. The character's fragility, his inner turmoil and angst are on the surface: you feel everything.

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