Friday, 20 May 2011

ShortList Magazine Interview (2010)

Great interview in two parts with ShortList magazine. This one had me laughing out loud!! Hope you enjoy. (ShortList is a UK magazine)


An exclusive chat with Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is about to kick down the door to the A-List only bathroom and wash his hands in the warm water of fame. He stars in The Social Network as Facebook supremo Mark Zuckerberg's ex-best friend Eduardo Saverin, and is about to swing onto our screens as the new Spider-Man. That's why Andrew Dickens made his way to LA to meet him.
So, great film, I assume you’re very pleased with it…
“I haven’t seen it.”
Oh. Well it’s very good.
“Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. That’s part of my ethos behind not seeing it. I’m trying to deal with the fact that some people might not like things. In theatre I haven’t been able to watch things back, but with film, I’d get so excited because I thought I can finally enjoy something I’m in. But every time all I can see is the holes in my performance and not the cheese. I’m not aware of any cheese. I’m trying to protect myself by not watching any more and letting go, not getting caught up in what people think. It’s really difficult to do!”
That’s going to make this interview a lot harder.
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