Sunday, 22 May 2011

Video Profile of Andrew Garfield...

I think that the term should be used very loosely - this is quite possibly THE shortest video EVER profiling someone's career.... the only reason I'm actually posting it is because it has the video of Andrew and Jesse meeting up in NYC.

Now at this point I will point out that I am (usually) vehemently anti-paparazzi. And I tend not to post pictures that are papped. BUT I am making an exception in this case because:

1) It's Eisenfield
2) It's too delicious
3) They are not being hassled or upset by the paps, so ~ in this case ~ I will allow it. I know I can't always allow this to be the rule and I won't, but just this time.

However, generally speaking, pants video. I just keep watching that bit over and over! (It's at 40s!)

Cleeeeeeeeek -----> Spider-Man: Video Profile of Andrew Garfield

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