Sunday, 19 June 2011

Andrew's Plans for the Future

Hawaii has had a much more profound effect on Andrew than we realised!! In this wonderfully honest  interview, taken with him after he received his Shining Star award, he explains.

Andrew talks about the future

"I don't know, I think I'm taking stock a little bit and sitting still for a second, and considering my life in a little moment of quiet I guess, and trying to not let the train take me where it wants to take me, and actually make sure that I have consciousness of where I want to go before I make my first step. It's strange because I kind of forget that I'm an actor, I get confused that I'm an actor. I didn't have a plan to do it. It's something I found that I loved and then I kind of fell into it. So now I kind of find myself having worked as an actor which is a strange thing. I can't understand how that happened, so I have to take a minute and look at it and analyse whether it's what I want actually. I'm sure it will be. I love it. And then make informed decisions and choices from there. But you know, some life for the next few months. I think I'm going to do some travelling and that kind of stuff."

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