Friday, 3 June 2011

Bromance!! And Slash Fiction (18+)

Here is an excerpt from an article on Sex Is Online Magazine about Bromances in pop culture!

Bromance: Our favorite on-screen male/male couples.

The Bromance: the most versatile relationship two (or more) characters can enjoy. It's uniquely suited to the varying desires of a full-spectrum public: to some, it's a depiction of buddies. To others, it's an exploration of how strong the bonds of friendship can become. And for still more viewers, it's the fun of watching guys constantly engage in behavior that can be read as strongly homoerotic.

The Social Network (2010 film)

If you gave this Oscar nominee a miss because you thought it would be all corporate espionage and guys in front of computers, you're in for a delightful surprise. While Jesse Eisenberg (Zombieland) plays Mark Zuckerburg with a Method-actor intensity that's spellbinding all on its own, Andrew Garfield (Never Let Me Go) steals nearly every scene as Zuckerburg's best friend and business partner. The chemistry between these two is blindingly intense — and again, if you like your actors bromance-y, you're in luck. Garfield has described his character as "Mark's girlfriend," and the two actors have made no secret of their equally intense off-screen bromance. 

The article goes on to say:

Taking Bromance Beyond The Screen 

If watching ambiguous relationships between guys gets your blood pumping, you might want to try the next step: reading slash fiction or taking in slash art about your preferred pairing. Whatever bromance you like, trust that the Internet has plenty of slash just for you.

I would advise you to steer clear of the larger multifandom "clearinghouse"-type websites at first. While they're a great source of a large amount of slash, the sheer amount promises you a wide variety of quality. Starting with some of the smaller but more intense communities on LiveJournal or searching the appropriate tags on Tumblr may be an easier place to start. Once you have an idea of the authors, artists and tropes you prefer, it'll be easier to navigate the larger sites — and once you've voraciously devoured all the top-tier stuff, slash that was merely okay becomes pretty cool in its novelty, so everyone wins!

There are other pairings included in the article. Read the rest HERE

NB: If you're interested in reading some "Social Network" or "Eisenfield" slash fiction, try the TSN KinkMeme. Lots of stuff to get you started and pique your interest!

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