Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Kermode Awards!! (Feb 2011)

Continuing my terrible non-chronological timeline on the blog, we go back a little way to pre-Oscars. Mark Kermode decides once again to present his very own "Kermode Awards" (little gold statuettes which I think are supposed to look like Mark himself, but end up looking like a little fat foreign detective with no neck!), which are given to those people who really SHOULD have been nominated for the Oscars but weren't.

Andrew gets his award for Best Supporting Actor - as well he should have at the Oscars (but he wasn't even nominated) - at around the 2m30 mark. And he's wearing braces...O_O (that's suspenders to those of you who aren't British!! LOL!) Also LOVE how he essentially calls him Mark "commode" at the end!!

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