Friday, 15 July 2011

New Amazing Spider-Man Stills in EW Magazine

On the shelves today, there are some new exclusive "The Amazing Spider-Man" stills in Entertainment Weekly magazine, and online at

Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Monday, 11 July 2011

Spider-Man Comic Makes Tons For Cancer Charity

You may or may not have seen the eBay auction in question being re-blogged and re-tweeted a LOT the last couple of weeks.

A very rare, original "The Amazing Spider-Man" #6 comic book, signed by Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Marc Webb! Wow, what a great prize. And all the proceeds going to the Stand Up to Cancer charity!

Now, I had a bit of an ulterior motive in not posting about it to begin with, because I wanted this SO badly!! I did know that it was going to sell for much more than I could afford though, so I put down my maximum bid and left it.. I can at least tell myself I raised the price quite significantly!

In the end the comic book, along with photos of Andrew holding it and Marc signing it, went for a WHOPPING $1,625 (about £1,012) which is an amazing sum of money for a really worthwhile cause.

For more about Stand Up To Cancer, visit